Find out how much your £5 is worth


How It Works

If you have seen the news lately, the new five-pound note is fetching thousands depending on your serial number. Collectors are willing to pay for unique codes so find out

Popular £5 Serial Numbers

Wanted to see if your £5 note with a rare serial number is worth anything? See the popular serial numbers selling fast to collectors on eBay & Facebook

AA Serials

AB Serials

AC Serials

AK47 Serials

007 Serials

The New Fiver!

See #TheNewFiver details on why The Bank of England upgraded its current £5 note.

Say Hello To #TheNewFiver.

Making money last longer

The new fiver has a 2.5 longer life span the original paper five-pound note, made from a polymer mixture the £5 will crunch up less in your pocket, washable and rip proof.


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